Space to work when you need it

Ganterstorage3Activity based working space is the new buzzword in today’s world of flexible office management

As companies adapt to the ways of modern working – such as offering their staff more flexible hours, opportunities to work remotely, bringing in specialist teams for one-off projects – the office space also needs to adapt to provide a comfortable and efficient space for those present.

The latest concept in flexible work environments is known as activity based working (ABW) space, which means that regardless of employee numbers on a given day, there’s always a suitable workspace for them.

Such practices frequently involve ‘hot desking’ – which means that once an employee has finished their shift, they simply lock up their things and clear the desk space for the next person.

GanterStorageThis practice needs well-organised and secure locker management and GANTNER’s electronic locking systems present an ideal solution for the modern office. The system can also be seamlessly integrated into existing access control and building management software.

The system has robust locks linked to a hard-wired system with an alarm function for absolute security, providing a deterrent to any break-in attempts.

The lockers are operated with a data carrier, usually a chip card, which is handed to the employee when they start working, and which can also serve as a ‘key’ for the access control and time recording systems. Depending on what the company needs, the lockers can be personally assigned or the employee can freely select any of the unoccupied lockers. Personally-assigned lockers can simultaneously be used as a work mailbox.ganterstorage2

For employees it’s extremely convenient to have only one card for all work purposes, while employers benefit from lower maintenance costs and the long term cost reductions that ABW brings.

Particularly in Australia, where ‘going green’ is now part of the office culture, more and more large scale companies like Macquarie Bank, Deloitte and the ANZ are taking advantage of ABW practices, in order to save space, operating costs, and resources. Whatever companies require, GANTNER technology has a solution for their flexible office.

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