‘Merging Desks’: Shared Service Management Report Published by TOPdesk

TopDeskSharedService“Over 90% of organisations surveyed have more than one service desk and 55% of service desks are already planning for shared service management” 

TOPdesk, an international service management software company, in partnership with the Service Desk Institute (SDI) published a Shared Service Management report investigating the level to which shared service management is becoming a recognised and viable option for the service desk industry.

According to the report over 90% of organisations surveyed have more than one service desk and 55% of service desks are already planning for shared service management. Respondents recognised that streamlining processes and improving the quality of services were the greatest benefits of a shared service model. Although less popular amongst participants, reducing costs and meeting customer demands are still recognised by a considerable volume of respondents.

Moreover, the report highlights the obstacles to bringing services together ─ these include cultural differences, politics and different ways of working.

The considerable uptake of the shared service model has proved surprising, with 44% of service desks planning to share services in the next three years alongside 11% who have already formed a shared service. The report asserts a strong likelihood that the shared service model has, and will continue to make, a significant impact on the industry landscape.

“Here at the Service Desk Institute we were aware a change was happening in the industry but did not have the data to support this theory. So we were delighted when TOPdesk offered to collaborate on a piece of research into Shared Service Management. The results of the research are compelling with some surprising statistics revealing the extent to which shared service management has developed within the industry.” ─ said Ollie O’Donoghue, SDI Industry Analyst.

The full report can be downloaded from: http://pages.topdesk.com/SDI-Report_Download-Page.html

TOPdesk is a tool that seamlessly integrates multiple support processes in a single system: IT, FM, HR; simplifying collaboration among departments. It allows setting up a single point of contact and delivering Shared Service Management. Thanks to the extensive rights and roles system, each department can use the same tool while retaining its own secure work environment.

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