Manage your multi-tenanted buildings more efficiently in 2019

Managing multi-waste streams for multi-tenanted commercial and office buildings can be a nightmare, often leading to incorrect waste procedures and unnecessary admin costs.

It is recognised that the fairest way to manage waste in multi-stream environments is to charge for waste according to the amount and type produced by individual tenants, colloquially known as ‘pay as you throw’. However, without a structured system to implement pay as you throw schemes, managing the different waste streams can be complex and generally off-putting to users.

After many years in the waste industry, Weightron have purposely designed a legal for trade Itemized Waste Management system, which records the waste and recycling disposal of each tenant, to in turn accurately invoice them for their usage.

The system is built to be extremely comprehensive and easy to use. Users simply weigh their bins on a low-level platform, and login using a visual touchscreen interface. The software meticulously measures the contents of the bin, and automatically records it.

The system tracks the tenants’ recycling patterns and records the weights of specific waste such as card and paper, glass, food, metals, plastics and wood. It can identify those who are not recycling properly and educate them to improve recycling targets and further reduce waste costs.

When it comes to invoicing, the software configures full-usage reports for each tenant, cutting out the need for administration and helping to create accurate invoices, charging individual tenants for the exact waste they have produced.

The iWM has already been successfully installed in numerous commercial buildings including office blocks, schools, hotels, restaurants, universities and factories. A special version of iWM is available for weighing and managing complex medical waste streams for hospitals and medical centres.

For more information visit Weightron’s website and download their iWM brochure here.