Integral leverages Logi Info to deliver innovative property maintenance services for critical systems

Integral LogoLogi Analytics, the analytics everywhere company, today announced that Integral, the largest independently-owned property maintenance organisation in the UK, has implemented its Logi Info business intelligence platform to provide personalised data visualisations and analytics for clients such as the Ministry of Defence and the National Grid.

Integral uses data from its galileo platform to provide asset-specific, lifecycle algorithms that maximise the lifetime and availability of critical property systems, such as generators and engine sets. The results of these algorithms are shared through personalised Logi Info visualisations, which are helping transform how maintenance decisions are made.

Building and facilities managers now have the insight to make condition-based decisions for each asset, rather than relying on time-based decisions or a run-to-fail programme. As a result, the risk of failure of essential services such as air handling units, chillers and transformers is eliminated, maintenance intervals are planned to avoid disruption and the cost of ownership is driven down.

Andrew Dutton, critical environment director, Integral, said: “Our philosophy is that maintenance should be planned on the needs of each individual asset to reduce the consequences of failure and cost of ownership.  It is absolutely imperative that high-value, critical systems are completely reliable and fully operational. Logi Info allows us to deliver personalised analytics and visualisations, so building managers can monitor the performance and maintenance of each asset, no matter where they are, to ensure reliability and maintain compliance.”

LogitexboxWith this new approach, Integral won the Innovation in Technology and System category at the 2014 British Institute of Facilities Management awards, for its cutting-edge, predictive technology.

Simon Ryan, director of EMEA, Logi Analytics said: “Robust analytic capabilities are vital to organisations keeping critical property assets operating reliably. Embedding Logi Info into Integral’s technology transforms the delivery of data to building managers and engineers, and brings new insight to maintenance programmes.”


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