Innovative paint recycling machine helps cut waste

NetworkWasteAn innovative machine is helping a council recycle unwanted paint which would normally go to waste. The new machine developed at North Lanarkshire Council in Scotland highlights how local authorities and their service partners can co-operate to boost recycling rates.

Network Waste’s work with the Mears Group has led to Mears Scotland increasing its recycling rates on its North Lanarkshire contract, reducing its carbon footprint and making significant financial savings at its Motherwell waste operation. In the past year the amount of waste diverted from landfill by Mears employees has increased to an impressive 98 per cent.

The Mears Group runs a £30 million repair and maintenance contract onbehalf of the council.  The savings are illustrated in the way in which paint is recycled. Mears’ Supply Chain Manager Colin Erskine said: “We often have a large volume of paint left over from our maintenance work on council properties and from void property clearances.

Paint recycling 2

“This new system of storing the paints allows us to separate and recycle the paint efficiently instead throwing away liquid and tins. In simple terms we have designed a funnel system which drains paint into an intermediate bulk container. This makes the waste liquid easier to handle and allows the dried out tins to be recycled as scrap metal.”

The secret of Network Waste’s success is its innovative waste and recycling reports and its 24-hour duty of care online. The company, based at King’s Lynn in Norfolk, is a pioneer of real time online waste reporting. Mr Erskine added: “Network Waste’s waste reporting mechanism is exceptional. The fact that we have the ability to view skip movements, waste tonnage figures and the attributed costs for our waste streams is key to the success of this facility.”

The bespoke paint recycling machine built by the Mears Group.

Network Waste, founded in 2002, offers a complete waste management service to its customers. This includes removing waste, skip and container hire, online waste management reporting and compliance with the law. Its UK-wide network of independent, waste management operators provides a high level of customer service at competitive prices. Network Waste is a member of the Chartered Institute of Waste Management and is a CIWM-accredited training centre.