Haes New AOV Control Panels Now Available!

HaesLeading manufacturer Haes took a big leap forward with the launch of their brand new Automatic Opening Vent (AOV) control panels to use with vents, windows and roof lights. After an extremely focused period of R&D the innovative UK manufacturer have listened to the market and created control panels for either Single zone conventional or Twin Wire detection circuits.

Speaking just prior to the official launch, Managing Director Jeff Ivey commented “Our AOV control panels provide a flexible solution to smoke ventilation system control. We’ve listened to what our customers need and applied the ‘Haes way’ of manufacturing to develop a leading offering.”

Available models include 3, 5 or 10 amp PSU versions for control of small, medium and larger loads. Developed utilising the same detection circuit technology as the Haes EN54 approved fire control panels, this new AOV range offers a wide range of peripheral connections for the installer to use as required. The high spec models include all the available inputs and outputs in a single, off the shelf unit and no additional modules or cards are required.

As if that wasn’t enough, Haes have also ensured their false alarm management software has been included in every panel as well. The flexibility and ability of these control panels is set to excite the market place for both new developments and maintenance of existing systems helping to ensure building compliance going forward.

The new range is available to order now.

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