Are your fuel tanks winter ready?

AdlerandalanFuelTankInstalLeading environmental services provider, Adler and Allan, is urging fuel tank owners to take steps now to get their tanks are winter ready; to prevent damage caused by the drop in temperature and limit the risk of pollution.

“Now is the perfect time of you to ensure fuel tanks are ready for the challenges that increased usage and colder weather brings – of particular concern to fuel suppliers,” said Alan Scrafton from Adler and Allan. “Faulty fuel tanks could spell operational downtime, a cost most businesses just can’t afford to take.

“Apart from the practicalities, fuel tank owners are bound by legislative drivers which could result in hefty fines if not adhered to. The Fuel Storage Regulations cover all storage tanks, as well as interceptors, bunds and associated pipe work, with standards set and enforced by the Environment Agency.

“To avoid fines and keep these essential assets in proper working order, we recommend the following steps:

1.               Make sure your tanks are inspected by an OFTEC registered engineer.

2.               Protect pipes against corrosion and physical damage – pipes below ground need visible inspection hatches and pipes above ground should be supported, using brackets, for example.

3.               Check the Environment Agency’s Pollution Prevention guidelines checklist, which includes advice about over-filling alarms and where to locate fuel tanks in relation to water courses.

4.               Clean your tanks to ensure fuel quality. If water gets into a tank it can contaminate fuel and cause operational disruption.

5.               In the event of a spill, make sure you have the correct spill kits on site. Expert help should be sought to help clean-up pollution incidents. 

“Keeping on top of maintenance will not only prevent pollution and downtime, it could also extend the life of your tanks, reducing the need for expensive replacements. All in all, making sure your fuel tanks are winter ready should be an essential task; one that affected businesses cannot afford to ignore.”

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