Forum Events introduce new Security IT microsit

Security Summit ITForum Events launches a new microsite for their Security IT Summit.

25th January 2016 – As part of a wider campaign to support the security industry, Forum Events has this week launched a new engaging partner microsite for the IT security industry.

The new design has been carefully planned to create a smoother journey to enable partners to better understand Forum’s unique Summit concept.

Cybersecurity is a prominent threat for many companies with millions of cyber-attacks every day, forming a total cost to the global economy of up to $575bn (£381bn) a year.

With businesses frequently coming under attacks from hackers looking to steal sensitive data, many organisations fail to take adequate steps to repel these. Employers looking for IT security expertise have quadrupled in 2015 compared with the previous year, and hourly rates charged by IT security experts are likely to continue to rise for 2016 because specialist expert advisers are hard to come by.

In 2015, originally consisting of a twice annual Summit, the security brand has since incorporated eConnect – a twice monthly newsletter providing readers with current and informative industry knowledge.

Katie Houghton Head of Marketing comments: ‘The security IT microsite is just one of 22 new microsites we will be launching over the next few months. It forms part of a wider strategy here at Forum Events to better inform our partners new and existing of the niche events we run across multiple different industries. It will provide a streamlined solution to understand the event, find out more information and to book on easily and seamlessly.’

The future of digital security services depends on organisations getting better at finding ways to keep the hackers at bay and protecting data.

The next Security IT Summit is taking place on 5th July 2016 at the Grange Tower Bridge Hotel, London.

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