Mr Circuit, who first made his debut at the recent Facilities Show BirminghamRumour has it that electrical testing industry’s only Superhero has developed yet another special power! Circuit Electrical Testing have added thermal imaging to their range of services, promoted by the ubiquitous Mr Circuit, who first made his debut at the recent Facilities Show at Birmingham’s NEC.

On a more serious note, thermal imaging is proving to be an increasingly important
diagnostic tool in electrical testing. Circuit is now using high resolution thermal imaging cameras to look for hot spots within electrical systems, predicting where maintenance may be required before any obvious problems arise.

“Using thermography, we can effectively predict issues and take corrective action before any commercial disruption occurs,” explained Vicky Colbeck, Business Development Manager for Circuit. “We use special thermal image cameras as predictive tools to look for heat in terms of infra red energy waves. It’s a very useful adjunct to visual checks for fixed wire installations, and gives us a real insight into the health of the system.”

Where excess heat is released by a component, this may be generated by something as simple as a loose connection, or by phase imbalances and increases in impedance to current. Early identification of issues allows prompt rectification and in some cases may even prevent more serious issues such as electrical fires.

The system is proving particularly useful for industrial processes where identifying hotspots may suggest that equipment is not running in optimum condition due to worn bearings or other maintenance issues impacting on overall efficiency.

Circuit can now offer thermal imaging as an integral part of routine maintenance to identify potential problems and allow for planned repairs. The company offers a flexible service designed around bespoke customer requirements, costed based on equipment and specifications.


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