Beautiful Open Plan Recycling has arrived in the UK

Method have redesigned recycling to make your facility even more effective.

The makers of an award-winning visible, flexible and beautiful recycling solution found in large facilities globally. Including, the Sydney Cricket Ground, Quantas, Canva and a thought-leading facility in New York. Moving into the United Kingdom they have already worked with leading architecture firm Foster + Partners, a famous British venture capital firm, and have found wider interest in London with the growing focus on corporate waste management, recycling and sustainability.

“It is important to demonstrate a positive approach to reducing environmental impact,” says William Konya, Presentation Services Manager of the Sydney Cricket Ground. “The visual element of Method’s bins has been effective in garnering support for the recovery process.”

Co-founders Steve and India Korner designed Method’s 60 Litre bins to visibly make a difference in recycling behaviour. They spent three years mastering Method’s slick aesthetic and recyclable packaging – holding focus groups, preparing prototypes, and even assisting cleaners on night-shifts.

The result is a beautifully considered open plan recycling solution, that helps assert a visible commitment to sustainability, while changing the behaviour of users. The flexibility of the bins allows for stations to be customized to the needs of any facility and placed where they are needed most. Reducing the time needed for cleaners to service the bins and allowing waste services to receive waste that has been sorted at source. An effective, long term solution for the world’s biggest facilities, with Method’s leading philosophy, sustainable practice becomes part of the furniture.

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