Challenging and remote wildlife protection benefits from IP video innovations

Specialist installer uses Veracity’s IP transmission tools and products to overcome significant technical challenges in hard-to-reach locations with limited power and connectivity.

Prestwick, 24th January 2018 – Veracity, a manufacturer of IP transmission devices, surveillance storage arrays and integrated command and control systems, has announced details of projects carried out by Wildlife Windows Ltd, a leading designer of innovative wildlife camera systems. The company uses technology from Veracity to help safeguard wildlife from the impact of humans along with meeting growing statutory and corporate responsibility requirements.

For over a decade, Wildlife Windows Ltd has specialised in installing multiple camera systems for nature reserve visitor centres and supplying monitoring equipment for conservation professionals and ecological consultants. The team have returned time and again to Veracity’s range of IP transmission tools and products to help them deliver for their customers.

What sets Wildlife Windows apart from other companies offering similar services is its extensive knowledge and understanding of wildlife and conservation acquired over the past 25 years as enthusiastic naturalists, as well as in professional roles. With customers including the National Trust, RSPB and several large private companies particularly within construction, Wildlife Windows often has to overcome significant technical challenges to install surveillance systems in hard-to-reach locations with limited power and connectivity.

In many situations, the company turns to technology from Veracity which Co-Founder Jason Fathers says, “…has proved extremely useful both during the installation stages and as a key component in a number of challenging projects over the last few years.”

Although originally working with analogue cameras, in recent years the company has largely switched to IP video and with it gained many advantages in terms of flexibility and quality. Yet running power and connectivity over longer distances is still tricky. As an example, some years ago a high profile project helped to protect, relocate and ultimately return nesting Peregrine Falcons at Battersea Power Station in London. The company needed to install multiple cameras within a complex structure which would have become inaccessible as building work progressed.

The challenge was connecting up to 4 IP cameras over an existing coax cable across a 400 metre run and, in this instance, Veracity HIGHWIRE Powerstar Quad proved vital. The project also benefited from using Veracity’s POINTSOURCE Plus for powering POE IP cameras in-situ to complete camera alignment, focus, configuration and test from a locally-connected laptop. This also showed the client that the cameras were functioning as expected before the next phase of construction that would make access to the installation almost impossible.

In other instances, Jason and his team have relied on Veracity OUTREACH Max to overcome the distance limitations of Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (POE) to deliver projects in hard-to-reach rural locations, including the positioning of fixed cameras above an Osprey nest in Scotland. “Veracity offers a good balance between price and performance and it is pretty robust kit,” says Fathers. “Over the years, we have used a lot of the Veracity transmission products in some pretty harsh conditions and we have not had a single failure,” he added.

For more information about how Veracity’s long-term product reliability can save you time, please visit, and for more information on the innovative work carried out by Wildlife Windows, please visit

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