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Stay Safe On Every Job With The New Martindale Electric Pro Kits

New Martindale Electric kits make sure you will never get stuck on-site unable to safely isolate a circuit again. The new VIPDLOKPRO kits include everything you will ever need for safe isolation.

The most comprehensive solution for safe isolation available, the new kits contain the UK’s leading voltage indicator, matching proving device and the new 13 piece LOKKITPRO, all supplied in two convenient soft carry cases. The kits enable safe working and compliance with Health & Safety recommendations when maintaining or installing electrical plant and equipment wherever you are working.  The new kits will be on show at The Electrical Design and Install Expo at the NEC, Birmingham, on 6th-7th September 2017.

The new LOKKITPRO enables safe isolation procedures to be carried out on all types of distribution board in all types of facility and is therefore ideal for contractors and maintenance teams working on industrial and commercial sites. It incorporates the full range of Martindale locking off devices, compatible with all distribution boards and red spot type fuse holders.

It includes the latest LOK7 slimline mcb lock for use on breakers, where the position of the test button may prevent the use of conventional lock outs or access is restricted. It also includes a 1m cable lock device suitable for both electrical and mechanical locking out, as well as a steel hasp for use with multiple padlocks – for when more than one operator is working on the same installation.

There is a plastic body padlock with a 6mm hardened steel shackle for securing the locking devices. Each padlock has a unique safety lockout key with serial number and is supplied with two sets of self-adhesive warning labels indicating ‘DO NOT REMOVE LOCKED OUT’ and ‘PROPERTY OF’ for completion by the end user.

The first variant is the VIPDLOKKITPRO138 and includes a 400V voltage indicator and proving unit. The VIPDLOKKITPRO150 includes a 690V voltage indicator and proving unit rated 1000V CAT IV, making it suitable for all installation categories.

The VI Series of voltage indicators are the safest and simplest solution to proving dead. No ranges, switches or batteries, as they can lead to potentially unreliable voltage readings.  The Martindale voltage indicator and proving unit are supplied in a combination carry case, ensuring both are always at hand when needed. For convenience and to save time, the proving unit can be used without having to remove it from the case.

For more information, please contact Martindale Electric on 01923 441717 or visit: www.

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